The 5 top paying jobs in the USA 2017

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Whether you are starting out on your career or looking for a change, the medical profession might be a great place to look. The top paying jobs in the US right now include many that are involved with looking after others.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics produce figures every year of the jobs with the best average pay and the best prospects. Here is our guide to the 5 top paying professions in the United States right now. Read them and you may want to consider enrolling in med school!


1. Anesthesiologist

Average Annual Salary: $258,100

Projected Job Growth: 21%


The number one paid job is an anesthesiologist and these guys earn big money. They are responsible for giving the drugs that keep you free from pain and asleep during an operation. No op goes ahead without an anesthesiologist making sure that the surgeon is able to help you without pain. The areas of Wichita, Kansas, Detroit, Michigan and Worcester, Massachusetts are shown by the study to have the highest salaries.


2. Surgeon

Average Annual Salary: $247,520

Projected Job Growth: 20%


This is an important role in the medical industry. When people are sick they often need the help of a surgeon. After earning their degree, they need at least 4 years of med school and then a minimum of 5 years in a surgical residency program, they are ready to operate. They can then help their patients overcome disease, injury or deformity.


3. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Average Annual Salary: $233,900

Projected Job Growth: 18%


These are more highly trained than your regular dentists with an extra 4 years of surgical training to enable them to carry out more complex procedures. They can help with surgery to the mouth, face, and jaw. The procedures they carry out include a facelift or dealing with a cleft lip. They are also able to deliver anesthesia from their training. They have been known to diagnose cancer in patients so their work is more than cosmetic.


4. Obstetrician and gynecologist

Average Annual Salary: $222,400

Projected Job Growth: 18%


This is an important part of helping women to stay healthy and have children. Obstetricians and gynecologists are well paid because they provide a vital service. They can help people with screening for STD's, investigate infertility issues and manage contraceptive devices. They also have a vital role to play in delivering babies and looking after expectant mothers.


5. Orthodontist

Average Annual Salary: $221,390

Projected Job Growth: 18%


The number 5 on the list is another in the medical profession. They help people to have aligned teeth and their work is carried out via braces or retainers. A perfect smile is an important part of life and the orthodontist helps to keep the teeth looking great throughout life.

If you take a look at the figures you will see that the average salary of an Anesthesiologist equates to around 17 times the salary of someone on the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

* Note – The Projected Job Growth figure quoted above is the amount that the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the salary to grow by in the years 2014 to 2024.

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