Sphere Calculator

The sphere calculator provides you with the calculation of some of the 3 acknowledged variables of an orb such as: Area, Volume, and Circumference.

The calculator provides you with the refinement of the internal circle cross section dimension (biggest circle within a sphere that occurs as the specific middle point of the sphere).

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Sphere Variables Calculations

  • Volume of a sphere: V = ( 4/3 )πr3
  • Circumference of a sphere: C = 2πr
  • Surface Area of a sphere: A = 4πr2

Hemisphere Calculations

A hemisphere is one of the equal parts of the sphere. We estimate the volume of a hemisphere: hence making calculations of the volume of a sphere and then dividing this by number two. Each two divided hemispheres are similar in volume to the whole sphere.

The surface zone of a hemisphere is determined by the area calculations of the sphere and division by number two as we've done when making the calculations of the volume of a hemisphere. It's necessary to append the whole area of the hemisphere at its basis (or flat end if you prefer). This is accomplished by the area calculations of the circle. Further, both numbers are counted up to provide the scope of surface of a hemisphere.

  • Volume of a hemisphere: V = ( ( 4/3 )πr3 ) / 2
  • Surface Area of a hemisphere: A = ( 4πr2 / 2 ) + πr2 = 3πr2

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