Prism Calculator

This program is developed to help you to overcome problems in calculus. When you have 3 variables and have to find other 3 values, then just enter your variables into this amazing calculator and it will determine the unknown ones.

  • * Units: Be aware of the fact that units are not relevant to this program and are given only in order to simplify your work. However, you are to avoid this option and calculate your variables without choosing measurements, because you can simply do it on your own. Despite this simplicity, there exists an exception, which is actually a cube, because all the cube variables are equal.
Triangular Prism Calculator

Triangular Prism

The following algorithms are included in this calculator:

Volume of a Triangular Prism (V) = 1/2*b*h*l

Side (s) = √((b/2)2 + h2)

Surface Area of a Triangular Prism (A) = b*(h + l) + 2*l*s

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