Square Pyramid Volume Calculator

The volume of the square Pyramid is calculated electronically by the online Square Pyramid calculator below using the measurements that are inserted by the user.

The user will also be provided with a running total which will accumulate once new dimensions are added to the volume calculator.

Basic definition and general information about the Pyramid

A pyramid can be defined as a three-dimensional solid geometric figure that usually has a square or triangular base and sloping sides that meet in a point. The highest point where all the sides meet together is referred to as the apex.

Square Pyramid Volume Calculator

The following formula is used when working out the Volume of a Square Pyramid:

  • (Area of Base ÷ 3) x Height [ It is crucial to understand that the base is in the form of a square, thus, the area is represented by the length of one side squared - L2 ]

Note: It is important to keep in mind that during the process of calculation of the volume of any object, the same measurement units must be used for each dimension.

Units, used for measuring the volume of the solid objects are the following:

  • feet cubed
  • meters cubed
  • yards cubed

Units, used for measuring the volume of the liquids are:

  • liters
  • quarts
  • pints
  • gallons

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