Raw to Cooked Weight Conversion Calculator

Our raw to cooked weight conversion calculator is an efficient tool that allows you to convert raw food to its cooked weight or vice versa.

The change in the weight of foods during the cooking process is influenced by many factors such as recipes, ingredients, consistencies, cooking times and temperatures, and the volume of cooking liquid. The final weight of foods is also influenced by the rate of boiling, i.e. whether the water is at a rolling boiling or only simmering, and by the composition, thickness, and surface area of the raw food. As a result, each food conversion calculation is different and there are quite a few variables to take into account. No conversion is going to be 100% accurate all the time but our tool offers a useful guideline.

Raw to Cooked Weight Conversion Calculator



Some important notes:

  1. Food weight changes are due to water loss or water absorption.
  2. Nutrition labels will always list the raw weight of the contents unless specifically stated otherwise.
  3. Conversion calculations will vary based on the cooking method, specific ingredients, and other factors. They will not always be exact but will give you a good estimation when needed.
  4. There is no correct way to weigh your food. Weighing raw food will always yield the most consistent and accurate results but since that is not always possible, you can effectively weigh cooked food.


The Raw to Cooked Weight Conversion Calculator uses the following formulas:

Cooked Food Weight = Raw Food Weight × (1 – Cooking Loss Percentage / 100)

Raw Food Weight = Cooked Food Weight / (1 – Cooking Loss Percentage / 100)

Reference: CHAPPELL GM. Food waste and loss of weight in cooking. Br J Nutr. 1954.

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