United States Property Tax Calculator

This handy property tax calculation tool will give you the property tax on average in your state, as well as estimating the total tax payment.

Property taxes are levied on transactions by cities, counties, and special tax districts. This is a tax on real estate which includes the sale or transfer of homes, business premises or pieces of land. The value of the property is assessed by an appraisal of the true market value of the property. Each authority will have property tax assessors who carry out this role.

Although each property transaction will be slightly different, our calculator will give you average property taxes based on what others in your area have paid. The tax assessments will differ depending on which authority is levying your tax and each property is unique. Please note that the specific features of your property or parcel of land will determine the exact rate.

The local tax assessor had the final say on what your precise rate is and our calculation is an estimate based on the location you have set. Simply enter the location of the property and the Fair Market Value of the property and see the calculation.

*All necessary data for calculations are provided by the U.S. Census Bureau's, 2019-2020 American Community Survey.

*Additional Sources: Zillow Home Values Index, FRED, Roofstock.com

2024 US Property Tax Calculator


Property Tax Estimator Results

Estimated yearly property tax value: $1,842.13
Estimated monthly property tax value: $153.51
The average effective property tax rate in Alabama is 0.41%
The median home value in Alabama is $209,000.00

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