Privacy Policy

April 08, 2016

Our "Privacy Policy" applies only to our website "" Please note, our "Privacy Policy" may be referred to as "the Policy" and "" may be referred to as "the Website".

Ads and Cookies

The Website serves to third-party vendors and other advertisement networks.

We store cookies so that we can personalize the content and advertisements you see on the Website.

This is done to provide our social media features with information and to analyse the traffic that is brought to the Website.

We also store the information that we gather about how you use the Website so that we can share it with our social media, and our advertising and analytics partners.

Third-party vendors, which include Google, use the cookies to help designate which advertisements appear to you. This is decided via which websites you visit through Google's services. Cookies are stored via your hard drive. They are small chunks of data which are sent from a Web Server to your browser. This is meant for a variety of record keeping purposes.

The DoubleClick cookie feature enables Google and their partners to show advertisements based on the other website which you have visited.

You are able to opt-out of the DoubleClick cookie by changing your Ads Settings.


We collect a variety of information based on each request our Web Server receives. The information that we collect includes:

  • Date and Time of Your Visit
  • Your IP Address
  • The Requested Website / Domain Name
  • The Requested Page / Path
  • The User Agent String (Includes both web browser name and version)
  • The Referer URL (how you got to the Website)