Slope Calculator

If we talk about the angle of slope which can be worked out using the Slope Calculator, then we can mean a range of various things whose angle of the slope can found. For example, the angle of the driveway, the pitch of a roof, the angle of a hill, etc.

Carrying out the slope calculations can be very helpful in different situations that range from making sure that the water flow runs exactly off a particular surface. Also, tension, friction and energy can be reduced as well, if some heavy objects are moved using a ramp.

It is important to understand what is a slope. A Slope can be referred to as a piece of ground that has a specific slant, which is also called a "Grade".

There are 4 different ways that can be used to specify the slope: the angle of inclination, percentage, per mille, and ratio.

Note: The ratio is determined to be "1 in n" which is different to the mathematical "1:n".

The Gradient Calculator is another online tool that may be useful to you.

Slope Calculator

You may set the number of decimal places in the online calculator. By default there are only two decimal places.

Angle of Inclination: 45.00 deg.
Percentage: 100.00%
Per Mille: 1000.00
Ratio: 1 in 1.00

Some Basic Information About the Slope Calculator

The Slope Calculator is capable of carrying out mathematical operations with the following algorithms:

  • Slope Length is the square root of (Rise squared plus Run squared)
  • Angle of Inclination is the arctan of (Rise divided by Run)
  • Percentage is 100 multiplied by (Rise divided by Run)
  • Per Mille is 1000 multiplied by (Rise divided by Run)
  • Ratio is 1 to (Run divided by Rise)

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