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5 Tax Deductions Every Freelancer Should Know About


From the perspective of tax, operating as a freelancer is comparable to running a one-employee business. If you do not manage your taxes effectively, you could end up having a higher tax liability than you would if you were working...

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What Do the 2019 Tax Rates Mean for You?


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently published the 2019 inflation amendments for various tax provisions, such as cost of living and the tax rate tables. If you're wondering how these adjustments will impact you...

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Trump's 2018 Tax Reforms and What They Mean for You and Your Family


Just before Christmas last year, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed by President Trump. The Act is the landmark legal measure of the President's first year in office and represents the most significant change to the tax code for over 30 years.

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Changes to Car Tax start in April 2017


With changes to the car tax system announced in the latest Budget, the cost for vehicles registered after April 1st 2017 can mean a big change for motorists. The cost of road tax can end up being as high as £450 a year for new car owners...

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15 Tips for Saving Tax


Check Your Tax Code Each Year. Each year, get all of your payslips together and check if the tax code which you have been assigned is the right one that you should have. You may find that you have been paying more tax than you should have!

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Income Taxes in USA


In the majority of countries around the globe, income tax is collected by the government. In the United States, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) deals with all of the tax needs and financial requirements of the country.

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What Taxes You Will Pay


Statistics show that roughly one third of the money that we earn goes towards paying our taxes. While to some it might not seem like a lot, and to others it will, in the long run it makes a noticeable difference. When people notice the difference that it makes, it interests them...

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How Much Tax You Will Pay in 2016/2017


Taxes are a delicate subject to deal with. While most people are employed by a company who take care of their taxes for them, there are a lot of people who must file their taxes themselves as well as pay their National Insurance Contributions (NICs) without the help of a company

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