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Our free online VAT Calculator easily allows you to calculate the Value Added Tax.

Simple Instructions on How to Use the VAT Calculator

  • Enter the Amount you wish to add VAT to or subtract from in the "Amount" section.
  • Enter the correct Rate of VAT you wish to apply.
  • Select the Currency of VAT from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the appropriate calculator button to either Subtract the VAT from the amount you entered or Add the VAT to the amount you entered.
  • Take a look at the results of your VAT calculation below.
VAT Calculator





Value Added Tax Results



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Adding Our VAT Calculator Widget to Your Blog or Website

If you are looking to have our VAT calculator on your website, then simply copy the following code into your website and use it as you see fit!

The calculator is hosted by us, therefore if any changes are made to tax rates or we make any changes, the widget will be automatically updated. You don't have to worry about the impact that the widget has on your websites performance either due to how it is hosted by us! Make sure that you copy the code exactly as it is and do not attempt to alter it, otherwise you will receive errors. If you like this widget, you may also like our dividend tax calculator widget that you can also add for free to your website.

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