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This online currency converter allows you to convert a wide range of world currencies. It works in a very simple way - enter the amount, choose the original and target currency, and click the "Calculate" button to obtain the conversion results. Please note that currency exchange rates are updated daily.

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Currency Conversion: How to Find an Attractive Conversion Rate

  • Shop Around: Please do not hurry. Currency exchange is something that requires a reasonable approach. There is no sense in exchanging money if you are not satisfied with the rate. Go online and try to find a better service with better offers. By the way, exchange rate is not the only thing to pay attention to – some companies dealing with currency conversion have nice bonuses for their customers (from free insurance and free conversion to another currency to nice gifts and souvenirs).
  • Credit Cards: It is a well-known fact that credit cards have rather tempting offers for currency exchange due to incredibly attractive rates. But before converting money with credit card please read carefully the terms and conditions of your card provided by the issuer. There are most likely some unpleasant pitfalls.
  • Debit Cards: Be very, very careful and talk to your bank/building society before you use your debit card abroad. Most debit cards have an awful exchange rate AND charge you for the conversion. It is amazing this banking practice still continues as millions of people get caught out on bad exchange rates every year when they use their normal debit card abroad, don't be one of them!
  • Airport Exchange Rates: There are some exceptional cases when airport exchange rates look reasonable and the fee is small or there is even no fee. But such things can be merely called miracles. In general, currency exchange in an airport is the worst possible choice. Prepare yourself for an absolutely unacceptable rate as well as the fee (usually a flat amount taken for each operation with currency).
  • Destination Country: Without a doubt, your destination country is a better choice for currency conversion than the airport. However, it is still not an ideal option because if you are coming not from the US or Europe, your currency will probably cost less in the country of destination than in your country. Anyway, try to find a good exchange office and to negotiate.
  • Plan Your Budget: There is an easy way to avoid the future problems with currency exchange. If you are planning a trip, try to save 10-15% more than it actually costs – this money will remain for emergency. On top of that, try to buy the currency of the destination country in a local bank since typically it is really the best solution without any money being overpaid.
  • Haggle: There is no sense in negotiating about currency exchange rate in a bank or a hotel (although sometimes it works even there), but one is highly recommended to haggle in case if he or she exchanges money in an exchange office. If they do not agree – turn around and leave the office. They will probably rush after you and accept your offer.
  • Hotels: People rarely plan to buy foreign currency in hotels because the terms are very similar to the airport ones. Generally, money is exchanged in hotels if needed urgently. However, sometimes hotels offer quite attractive exchange rates. We would recommend you to firstly call the hotel you are going to stay at and ask. Tell them how much money you are going to exchange (an approximate sum will be enough) and maybe they will have a special offer for you.

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