Distance Converter

Nowadays, in different countries we use different distance measurements and that is why sometimes need to convert our values into the distinct ones. Our amazing Distance Converter saves your valuable time; because with having this tool you do not have to calculate it by your own. Read the following instructions and be ready for making conversions with the help of our calculator.

  1. Write down the distance value which is need to be converted.
  2. Choose known distance unit.
  3. Then, the Distance Calculator converts your value to all other distance measurements.
Distance Converter

Distance Conversion

In order to convert distances into other measurements use our innovational distance converter. You can use this calculator within the Good Calculators webpage. Distance Converter can be very helpful for the young generation who are interested in conversions. Distance conversion was actually simplified because of the international standardisation and metric distances.

Metric Distances (1 Metre is equal to:)
Kilometre (km) 0.001 Metre (m) 1
Decimetre (dm) 10 Centimetre (cm) 100
Millimetre (mm) 1000 Micron (µ) 1000000
Nanometre (nm) 1000000000 Angstrom (Å) 10000000000
Picometres (pm) 1000000000000
Imperial Distances (1 Metre is equal to:)
League 0.0002071 Land 0.0006214
Skein 0.009113 Bolt 0.02734
Shackle 0.03645 Furlong 0.004971
Chain 0.04971 Rope 0.164
Perch 0.1988 Goad 0.7291
Ell 0.8749 Yard (yd) 1.094
Pace 1.312 Cubit (cu) 2.187
Foot (ft) 3.281 Nail 4.374
Shaftment 6.562 Hand 9.843
Inch (in) 39.37 Finger 44.99
Digit 52.49 Barleycorn 118.1
Button 472.4 Calibre 3,937
Mil (mil) 39,370 Microinch 39,370,000
Space and Light Distances (1 Metre is equal to:)
Red shift (z) 1.303e+27 Parsec (pc) 30860000000000000
Light-year (l.y.) 9460730472580800 Light-day 25902068371200
Light-hour 1079252848800 astronomical unit (au) 149600000000
Light-minute 17987547480 Light-second 299792458
Nautical Distances (1 Metre is equal to:)
Nautical League 0.00018 Nautical Mile 0.00054
Cable 0.004557 Fathom 0.5468
Admiralty mile 0.0005396 Admiralty cable length 0.005396
Surveyors Distances (1 Metre is equal to:)
Furlong 0.004971 Ramsden's (engineers') chain (ch) 0.03281
Gunter's (surveyors') chain (ch) 0.04971 Gurley's chain (ch) 0.09942
Gunter's (surveyors') pole 0.1988 Gunter's (surveyors') foot (ft) 3.281
Gurley's link 4.971

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