Percentage (Declining Balance) Depreciation Calculator

When an asset loses value by an annual percentage, it is known as Declining Balance Depreciation.

For example, if you have an asset that has a total worth of 10,000 and it has a depreciation of 10% per year, then at the end of the first year the total worth of the asset is 9,000.

With this in mind, at the end of the next year the depreciation value is 900. The next again year the depreciation value is 810, and so on.

You are able to add your results into a table in order to compare them.

Percentage Depreciation Calculator
Detail Value Notes
Asset Value The value of the asset at the Start of the depreciation period
Percentage (%) Depreciation percentage per annum
Period Depreciation period in months or years
Final Value Final value at the End of the depreciation period

The calculator uses the following formulae:

Depreciation Amount = Asset Value x Annual Percentage

Balance = Asset Value - Depreciation Value

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