Midrange Calculator

This midrange calculator quickly and easily computes the midpoint value (the mean of the lowest and highest values) of a given data range.

You can use this calculator to compute the midrange value in two simple steps:

  1. Input the numbers in the data range, separating the values by a comma (e.g., 9,2,3,6), space (e.g., 9 2 3 6), or line break.
  2. Click on the "Calculate" button to generate the results.

Midrange Definition and Formula

The midrange is the mean of the lowest and highest numbers to appear in a range of values. To determine the midrange value in a given data set, simply add the smallest and greatest values together and divide the result by two.

The formula for determining the midrange is as follows:

Midrange = (Min. Value + Max. Value) / 2

Midrange Calculator

The minimum value of a data set (Min. Value):
The maximum value of a data set (Max. Value):

Calculating the Midrange Value: An Example

Let's say you would like to determine the midrange of the following numbers: 41, 77, 18, 121, 34, 112, 87, and 21.

First, identify the lowest and highest numbers in the data set. In this case, the lowest number is 18, and the highest number is 121.

Add the lowest and highest numbers together: 18 + 121 = 139.

Divide the resulting figure by two to determine the midrange value: 139 / 2 = 69.5.

As such, the midrange of the data set is 69.5.

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