Cube Volume Calculator

The cube volume is calculated electronically by the online cube calculator when the measurements are inserted.

The user will always be able to see a running total that is summed from the new dimensions that are inserted into the volume calculator.

General information and basic definition of a Cube

Cube Volume Calculator

A cube is a symmetrical geometric shape which can either be solid or hollow and has:

  • Six faces in the form of a square
  • Six facets or sides with three joining together at each vertex.

The following formulae can be applied to calculate the Volume of the Cube:

  • Width multiplied by Length times Height
  • Due to the fact that Width, Length and Height are all equal to each other in a cube, we denote them as a3 [where a is the length of one of the edges]

Note: It is crucial to keep in mind that is necessary to use similar measurement units for each value when working out the volume of an object.

Units that are used to measure volumes of solid objects are:

  • feet cubed
  • meters cubed
  • yards cubed

Units used for measuring volumes of liquids are:

  • liters
  • quarts
  • pints
  • gallons

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