Perpetuity Calculator

Our Perpetuity Calculator is developed with only one goal, to help people avoid hiring accountants. First, perpetuity is a type of payment which is both relentless and infinite, such as taxes. With the help of this online calculator, you can easily calculate payment, present value, and interest rate. Each of them is connected. In order to fully understand how the perpetuity calculator works, you need to understand three main definitions.

Payment is the amount of money you have to receive, which in most cases is taxable and calculated by multiplying the present value by an interest rate.

Present value is the current worth of future money discounted at a given interest rate.

Finally, an interest rate is a percentage payment value of the present value.

Perpetuity Calculator




Payment = 0.00

Present Value


Present Value = 0.00

Annual Interest Rate

Annual Interest Rate = 0.00%

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