Blood Alcohol Content Calculator

Please fill the proper information into the form below and then push the "Calculate" button. It will take less than a split second for our system to figure out what the alcohol concentration in your blood is. If you are not sure about some factors, please leave them as they are – in this case it's better to have default information for more accurate results.

  1. Alcohol content of a 341 ml (12 oz.) beer can or bottle is 5%.
  2. As for a typical stiff drink, its alcohol content is equal to 40%.
  3. A 5 oz. wine glass contains 12% of alcohol.

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Blood Alcohol Content

Alcohol content in blood is the most popular and reliable way to find out what one's intoxication level is and when this person will feel sober again. Use our Blood Alcohol Content Level Calculator and be careful with drinking too much alcohol!

BAC ( Blood Alcohol Content ) Calculator


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BAC Results

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC): 0.000%

Legal Limits

Vehicle operating Blood Alcohol Content Limits by country.

Country BAC %
Australia 0.05%
Brazil 0.06%
Canada 0.08%
China 0.02%
France 0.05%
Germany 0.05%
India 0.03%
Japan 0.03%
Mexico 0.08%
Russia 0.00%
South Africa 0.05%
United Kingdom 0.08%
United States 0.08%

* Laws are always changing, these legal BAC Limits might be outdated.

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