Rice-to-Water Ratio Calculator

You can use this rice-to-water ratio calculator to determine the correct amount of water to use for a given portion of rice, the required cooking time, and the yield according to the type of rice used.

Rice to Water Ratio Calculator


1 cup to 2 cups

What is the Ratio of Rice to Water?

Generally, when cooking rice, two cups of water should be used for every cup of rice. The same measuring cup should be used for both the water and the rice. If you wish to double or triple the amount of rice cooked, simply increase the ratios. However, do make sure you use a cooking vessel that is big enough to hold the rice, as it will expand significantly during the cooking process. Depending on the variety of rice you use – for example, wild, black, brown, or red rice – you may need to adjust the cooking time and rice-to-water ratio.

Regardless of the type of rice you use, ensure you add the rice and water to the pot at the same time and then bring the water to a boil. Once the water reaches boiling point, cover the pan with a lid, reduce the heat, and allow the water to simmer.

Rice Type Rice:Water Ratio (by volume)
White Long Grain Rice 1:2
White Medium Grain Rice 1:1.5
White Short Grain Rice 1:1.25
Brown Long Grain Rice 1:1.75
Brown Medium/Short Grain Rice 1:2
Jasmine Rice 1:1.75
Basmati Rice 1:1.5
Texmati Rice 1:1.75
Black Japonica Rice 1:2
Wild Rice 1:2
Sushi (Calrose) Rice 1:1.33
Converted (Parboiled) Rice 1:2.25

What Does Simmer Mean?

After the water has started to boil, add some seasoning and butter if desired and allow the water to return to boiling point. After that, reduce the heat to a low level and maintain the water at a simmering point, which lies just below the boiling point. The liquid should be gently bubbling as opposed to fully boiling, as the latter can cause the bubbling water to come out of the cooking vessel.

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