Freight Density Calculator

Our freight density calculator makes it easy to calculate density proportion and other freight parameters.

How to use the calculator

  1. Enter the dimensions and weight for each part of your cargo.
  2. If there are numerous parts with the same weight and dimensions, multiply the piece count.
  3. Press the "+ Add" button to add a different line and enter new dimensions and weights for any particular piece.
  4. The calculator will calculate the united quantity proportion of the unified freights, their weight, and cubic meters or cubic feet.
Freight Density Calculator

PCS DIMS (in) WGT (lb) Cube Density x
W L H ft3 m3 lb/ft3 kg/m3
Totals: 0 0 0 0 0  

The Freight Density Calculator is designed to calculate various freight parameters, such as cargo level volume, compactness factor, and cubic meters/feet of your freight. The cost-effectiveness of relocating your cargo is best evaluated based on its compactness factor. If your compactness factor is low, your cargo will consume a fair amount of space, making it expensive to move. Such shipments are referred to as "Volumetric Shipments".

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