Arc of a Circle Calculator

How to use the Calculator:

  1. Insert the Diameter to calculate the Radius or input the Radius to find the Diameter
  2. Either insert the Angle of the Arc or insert the length

So, by carrying out either of the two foregoing operations, the user will be able to find the Arc of a Circle quickly and without any difficulties.

However, this is not the only problem that the Arc of a Circle Calculator is capable of dealing with.

Arc of a Circle Calculator


The Arc of a Circle Calculator can also be used to:

  • Find out the radius of a circle, knowing only the diameter
  • Estimate the diameter of a circle when its radius is known
  • Find the length of an arc, using the chord length and arc angle
  • Compute the arc angle by inserting the values of the arc length and radius


This calculator uses the following formulas:

Radius = Diameter / 2

Arc length = 2 × π × Radius × (Central Angle [degrees] / 360)

Chord length = 2 × Radius × sin(Central Angle [degrees] / 2)

Where π is the constant (3.141592654)

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