Depreciation Comparison Calculator

When an asset loses value equally over a set period of time, it is known as Straight Line Depreciation.

When an asses loses value by an annual percentage, it is known as Declining Balance Depreciation.

After calculating both our calculator allows the comparison of both these method, while also displaying a line chart.

The calculations and their results are shown side by side in order to allow comparisons.

We also offer a function for you to add the results you have gathered to a table in order for you to compare them.

Depreciation Comparison Calculator
Value and Depreciation Period
Asset Value The value of the asset at the Start of the depreciation period
Depreciation Period The length of the depreciation period
Details for straight line depreciation
Final Value The Final value of the asset at the End of the depreciation period
Depreciation Value per Depreciation value per month or year
Details for declining balance depreciation
Percentage Depreciation percentage per annum
Final Value Value at the End of depreciation period

The following algorithms are included with this calculator:

Straight Line Depreciation:

Depreciation per period = (the asset value minus the final value) divided by the total number of periods

Number of depreciation periods = (the asset value minus the final value) divided by the value per period


Declining Balance Depreciation:

Depreciation amount = the asset value multiplied by the annual percentage

Balance is the asset value minus the depreciation value

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