Sphere Volume Calculator

The measurements that are inserted by the user will be used by the online Sphere calculator to carry out all the necessary mathematical operations electronically to find the volume of the Sphere rapidly.

The user of the calculator will also be provided with a running total that will accumulate as new dimensions are added to the volume calculator.

Basic definition and general information about the Sphere

Sphere Volume Calculator

A sphere can be defined as round and solid geometric shape with every point that is situated on its surface being on the same distance from the center.

The following formula is used when working out the Volume of a Sphere:

  • Volume = 4/3 π * Radius3
  • Where π is the constant (3.141592654)

Note: It is vital to keep in mind that during the process of calculation of the volume of any object, it is crucial to use the very same measurement unit for all of the dimensions involved in the calculations.

Units that are used when measuring volumes of the solids are as follows:

  • feet cubed
  • meters cubed
  • yards cubed

Units, used for measuring the volumes of liquids are:

  • liters
  • quarts
  • pints
  • gallons

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