Coin Flip Probability Calculator

This coin flip probability calculator lets you determine the probability of getting a certain number of heads after you flip a coin a given number of times. (It also works for tails.)

Put in how many flips you made, how many heads came up, the probability of heads coming up, and the type of probability. Then click on the "Calculate" button to get your results.

Coin Flip Probability Calculator

Theoretical Probability

A given event's probability of happening shows mathematically (numerically) how likely it is to occur. If an event has a probability of 1, it will always occur, whereas it will never occur if its probability is 0. Classical problems of probability usually require you to compare the likelihoods of two related things happening, as well as how the occurrence of one event can influence the likelihood that other events happen in the future. When we consider all possible events, according to the formula:

Probability = Number of favorable events / Number of possible events

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