Velocity Calculator

The operation speed of a particular object is defined as velocity. In science, we can determine velocity as the division of a change of its position by time. Sometimes, we need to calculate the speed of a moving object, however in the majority of cases, the object does not have a speedometer or it does not work.

Therefore, in these cases, you have to use our innovative online Velocity Calculator.


Metres per Second

Metres per Second


Metres per Second

You may set the number of decimal places in the online calculator. By default there are only two decimal places.

This calculator includes the following algorithms.

Velocity(v) = Initial Velocity(vo) + (Acceleration(a) x Time(t))

Time(t) = (Velocity(v) - Initial Velocity(vo)) / Acceleration(a)

Acceleration(a) = (Velocity(v) - Initial Velocity(vo)) / Time(t)

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