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For commercial lenders, the debt service coverage ratio, or DSCR, is the single-most significant element to take into consideration when analyzing the level of risk attached to an investment property or business. By calculating a DSCR, a lender will be able to determine whether the net income generated by a property or business will comfortably cover loan repayments, including payments on fees and interest as well as principal.

The importance of the DSCR to your prospective business loan is clear: it is the financial measurement used to decide whether you should receive a loan based on the level of cashflow your business generates and whether this is adequate to cover the loan costs.

A higher ratio equates to a lower level of risk, and as a general rule, lenders are looking for a DSCR of 1.25. However, a lower DSCR may be acceptable for certain lenders, while others may be looking for an even higher ratio.

DSCR Calculator

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Calculating the DSCR

To calculate the DSCR, yearly net operating income (NOI) is divided by the yearly debt service of a property. The yearly debt service is equal to the total funds paid towards principal and interest repayments on all a property's loans over the course of a year. So, the calculation used to determine the DSCR can be expressed as follows:

Net Operating Income / Yearly Debt Service = DSCR

To illustrate, imagine a business has a total yearly debt service of $15,000 and generates a total yearly NOI of $19,500. In this instance, the company will have a DSCR of 1.3:

$19,500 / $15,000 = 1.3

DSCR Formula

We use the following formulas to determine the debt service coverage ratio:

Net Operating Income (NOI) = Gross Operating Income − Vacancy Loss − Operating Expenses

Debt Service = Yearly Loan Payments (Principal + Interest)

Debt Service = Loan Amount * Interest Rate / 100 / [1 - (1 + Interest Rate / 100 / 12) (-12 * Loan Term) )]

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) = Net Operating Income / Debt Service

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