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Our Running Pace Calculator enables you to determine your running pace swiftly and with ease whether you are running for pleasure or training for a half-marathon, marathon or other event. Use the calculator to figure out your pace per yard, mile, meter or kilometer, and view your splits in any of distance measurement.

To use the calculator, first enter the total time of your run. Then, choose an option from the event drop-down list. There are 24 race distance options (1 km, 1.5 km, 1 m, 3 km, 2 mi, 3 mi, 5 km, 4 mi, 8 km, 5 mi, 6 mi, 10 km, 12 km, 15 km, 10 mi, metric marathon, half marathon, 20 mi, marathon, 30 mi, 50 km, 50 mi, 100 km, 100 mi), or you can select "Custom" and enter any distance you wish. Finally, choose a unit of measurement from the list and click "Calculate".

Pace Calculator

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The definition of pace

When we talk about running, a person's pace is generally understood to be the minutes it takes them to run a kilometer or a mile. For endurance events in particular, pace is a crucial factor. Running coaches often advise that people run at a variety of set paces according to their level of fitness as this approach can improve different physiological elements.

Pace vs Speed

It is important to understand that pace and speed are two different things. While one's speed and pace provide similar information, they present this information in opposing ways. If you determine a person's speed, then you are calculating the distance that they can cover in, for example, an hour. In contrast, by determining a person's pace, you are calculating how long it will take them to cover a certain distance. Thus, speed and pace are represented using different units of measurement, with speed presented as unit of distance per unit of time, and pace described as unit of time per unit of distance. The formulas for calculating pace and speed are as follows:

speed = distance (e.g. kilometers) / time (e.g. hour)

pace = time (e.g. seconds) / distance (e.g. kilometers)

Example running pace calculation

Imagine that you take precisely an hour to run 10 kilometers. Your running pace will be 360 seconds per kilometer (3600 sec/10 km = 360 sec/km), and your speed will be 10 kilometers per hour (10 km/1 h = 10 km/h).

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