FEGLI (Federal Employees Group Life Insurance) Calculator

You may use this FEGLI Calculator to calculate your coverage amount and premiums for your life insurance under the FEGLI program.

Fill out the following information and then click "Calculate" to retrieve results:

  1. Select your age from the drop-down list
  2. Enter your annual base salary
  3. Select the payment frequency (bi-weekly or monthly)
  4. If needed, select optional insurance (Option A, Option B, Option C) and the number of multiples for Option B and Option C
  5. If you are a postal service employee, select "Yes" in the last box.
FEGLI Calculator

What is FEGLI

The Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) program is the largest group life insurance program for Federal and Postal employees and retirees in the U.S.

FEGLI consists of basic life insurance coverage and three different options: Option A – Standard, Option B – Additional, and Option C – Family.

  • Basic Insurance Amount (BIA), is equal to the greater of your annual rate of basic pay rounded up to the next higher $1,000 + $2,000, or $10,000. The Government pays 1/3 of the cost of your Basic life insurance and you pay 2/3. For this insurance, you pay $0.15 biweekly (or $0.325 monthly) for each $1,000 of your coverage. If you are a postal service employee, USPS pays 100% of the basic life insurance cost.
  • Option A (Standard) Insurance, is equal to $10,000.
  • Option B (Additional) Insurance, is equal to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times your annual basic pay, after rounding up to the next $1,000.
  • Option C (Family) Insurance, employees may elect 1 to 5 multiples of the coverage amounts for a spouse and eligible dependent children ($5,000 for a spouse and $2,500 for each dependent child).


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