Square and Cube Calculator

The instructions of how to use the online Square and Cube Calculator are fairly easy. It is only needed to input only one known dimension of a Square or a Cube to find the associated values.

Solely one of the values of the square is required for the Square and Cube Calculator to calculate all mathematical solutions of a Square and Cube.

It is also important to make the user familiar with the dimensions that are needed by the calculator in order to perform successfully.

The following are the dimensions that the user is asked to input: the side length, the diagonal, the area (measured in units squared).

Also, the dimensions for the cube are as follows: side length of the cube, cube diagonal, face diagonal, surface area, and volume.

Square and Cube Calculator

Square and Cube Calculator


This calculator uses the following formulas:

Diagonal of a square = √2 × Side Length

Area of a square = Side Length 2

Diagonal of a cube = √3 × Side Length

Face Diagonal of a cube = √2 × Side Length

Surface area of a cube = 6 × Side Length 2

Volume of a cube = Side Length 3

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