Body Fat Calculator

Use our online Body Fat Calculator in order to calculate the body fat percentage of your body, using nothing but a tape measure and your keyboard. Our calculator uses a formula which is very similar to the formula that the US Navy use to calculate body fat percentage.

In order to find out your body fat, you will be required to enter three measurements into our calculator. The information required is:

  • Your height, in inches/centimetres
  • The circumference of your waist, in inches/centimetres
  • The circumference of your neck, in inches/centimetres

Once you have entered the necessary information, simply click the "Calculate" button and you will be given your body fat information below. If you use centimetres rather than inches, you must convert the measurements from centimetres to inches in order for the calculator to give you an accurate percentage. A certain amount of body fat is required in order for your body to perform healthily. If your body fat percentage is above or below that amount, you are unhealthy. Our calculator will tell you whether or not your body fat average is healthy or not.

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