Battery Pack Calculator

Here's a useful battery pack calculator for calculating the parameters of battery packs, including lithium-ion batteries. Use it to know the voltage, capacity, energy, and maximum discharge current of your battery packs, whether series- or parallel-connected.

Using the battery pack calculator: Just complete the fields given below and watch the calculator do its work.

This battery pack calculator is particularly suited for those who build or repair devices that run on lithium-ion batteries, including DIY and electronics enthusiasts. It has a library of some of the most popular battery cell types, but you can also change the parameters to suit any type of battery.

The library includes information on a number of batteries, including Samsung (ICR18650-30B, INR18650-25R), Sony (US18650GR, US18650VTC6), LG (LGABHG21865, LGDBMJ11865), Panasonic (UR18650NSX, NCR18650B), and many more.

Battery Pack Calculator
= 3.63 Wh


Total Number of Cells in the Pack: 0
Battery Configuration: 1S1P
Pack Capacity: 0
Pack Energy: 0
Pack Max. Voltage: 0
Pack Nominal Voltage: 0
Pack Cutoff Voltage: 0
Max. Discharge Current: 0

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