Tire Size Calculator

In order to figure out the overall diameter, choose dimensions of tires at the bottom of the page. While changing tire and wheel sizes it is significant to compare overall diameters in order to be sure that ride gearing and height will not change. As not to exceed the acceptable difference in diameters, our program computes and informs you about the maximum percentage difference.

Consequently, our tire size calculator computes the actual and percentage change of the tire's diameter. As a bonus, this tire size calculator is distinguished from others by its ability to calculate the difference in how fast your vehicle can gather the particular speed between these two tires.

Online Tire Size Calculator
Original Tire Size Tread Width Profile Height Wheel Diameter Overall Tire Diameter
  mm   %   inches   inches   mm
It is quite easy to select impossible Tire sizes or sizes that are not made
Alternative Tire Size   mm   %   inches   inches   mm
We recommend ±2.5% is the Maximum difference in diameters
Difference in Diameter: percentage = 0%    actual = 0in (0mm)

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