Tire Size Calculator

When changing tires on a vehicle, you must compare the overall diameters of the tires to make sure that the ride gearing and height remain the same. This calculator helps you to ensure that you do not exceed the differences in diameters that are deemed to be acceptable by determining the maximum difference in percentage.

This calculator calculates the actual diameter of a tire and the percentage change in diameter across two tires. What sets this tire size calculator apart from the available alternatives is that it also computes the difference in pace at which the vehicle can reach a given speed between two different sets of tires.

Online Tire Size Calculator
Original Tire Size Tread Width Profile Height Wheel Diameter Overall Tire Diameter
  mm   %   inches   inches   mm
It is quite easy to select impossible Tire sizes or sizes that are not made
Alternative Tire Size   mm   %   inches   inches   mm
We recommend ±2.5% is the Maximum difference in diameters
Difference in Diameter: percentage = 0%    actual = 0in (0mm)

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