Aspect Ratio Calculator

Aspect Ratio is the parameter demonstrating what ratio between width and height of a rectangular is.

When we see such designations like 16:9 and so on we may guess that it is exactly the ratio we are talking about. For example, the ratio of the width equal to 1.55 against the length equal to 1 would look like this – 1.55:1

Diagonal size of a computer or, let's say, television is also described with the aspect radio.

Of course, this Aspect Ratio Calculator contains all these dimensions.

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Aspect Ratio
Aspect Ratio (w:h format) Aspect Ratio of width against height
Aspect Ratio (n:1 format) Aspect Ratio as a number against 1
Height Height of the Rectangle
Width Width of the Rectangle
Diagonal Distance from Top of one end to the Bottom of the opposite end of the Rectangle

You may set the number of decimal places in the online calculator. By default there are only two decimal places.


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