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A collection of really good online calculators

The "Good Calculators" project is a group of high functioning online calculators which have been carefully programmed to work on computers, smart phones and tablets. This project is ongoing and is meant for there to be a calculator for any of our communities needs, whether they be personal or business.

We understand that our project may be seen as nerdy, but it is our passion to provide this service and make all of our calculators as simple to use as we possibly can. Whenever we can we provide a detailed step-by-step guide for all of the calculations or equations that you have entered into our calculators so that you fully understand how our calculator got to its answer. This not only gets you the answer that you wanted but also gives you an insight into how all of our calculators work.

We currently have over 350 calculators helping you do math in not only the finance department or helping with your homework, but also weight loss, pregnancy and a lot more. We are constantly working towards developing a wider variety of calculators to provide our community with.

All of the calculators that we provide you with are completely free, we believe that all of the information available on the internet should come without a cost and that everyone should be able to access it without any problems! To make sure that we fix any bugs and that we are able to add new features and improvements, we ask that you provide us with feedback and send us any ideas you have for our calculators, through our contact information. If you are a frequent user of our services then be sure that you bookmark us and share us with your friends.

Why Choose Our Calculators?

That's a good question. Here are the 3 main reasons why you should choose us.

Always Available

Our services are 24/7 providing you with all your calculation needs whenever you are in need of them. Mornings, afternoons, evenings or even late nights. Weekdays and weekends. National holidays. All of them, we're available at all times no matter what time of year it is.


We provide a variety of calculators allowing you to find one that fits all of your needs regardless of your area of work. We separate our calculators into categories making it easier to locate the perfect one for you.

Ease of Us

All of our calculators are incredibly easy to use. If you provide them with the information that they need, then you will have the answer that you're looking for in only a few seconds. Each calculator has a description telling you everything you need to know about it, from how it can be used to how it works.
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