Advanced Statistics Calculator

First enter a variety of values into the "Data Input" box, be sure to separate each value with a comma or a space. You can also paste a series of numbers into the box.

Note that if the value is text, and not a number, then the Total, Mean, Median, Quartiles and Percentile values are all ignored during this process.

Depending on that data that has been entered, the charts that this calculator create are:

  • Column charts displaying the count of values in the range.
  • Pie charts that display the top ten values. Any input data that isn't shown in the top ten are grouped together and shown as "Others".
  • If all the values that are entered are numeric then a line chart will be displayed.
  • These charts will show a variety of details and will give you the option to show or hide relevant information.

There are 3 example buttons, these add data to demonstrate how the results are displayed:

Example A is integer (whole number) values, Example B is text and Example B contains decimal numbers.

Advanced Statistics Calculator

Measurement Value Notes
Total number of values in range The total number of values in the range entered
Total value of numbers The total sum of all the values, if all are numeric
Median (Middle Value) The Median is the middle number in a sorted list of numbers (the second percentile)
Mean (Average) The Mean is the average of a range of numbers
Mode - Most frequent value
1st Quartile (25%) The 1st Quartile is the middle number between the smallest number and the median in a sorted list of numbers (the lower quartile)
3rd Quartile (75%) The 3rd Quartile is the middle number between the median and the highest number in a sorted list of numbers (the upper quartile)
Percentile (1 to 100) A Percentile indicates the value in a sorted list at a certain percentage of the range. e.g. the 60th percentile is the value at 60% of the range


The calculator contains these values:

The Mean, or Average, which is calculated by adding all of the values together then dividing the total by how many values there were.

The Median, which is calculated by arranging the values into order then picking the value which is in the middle of the list.

The Mode, which is the most frequent value that is in the range. It is possible for there to be multiple values for this.

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