Exponents Calculator

The online Exponents Calculator can be helpful in converting any number from an exponential form into the standardized one to which we have all become accustomed. Additionally, the calculator is capable of performing simple calculations with numbers, including negative powers.

Remember, any base raised to the power of zero is equal to 1. In short, a0=1 where a represents any number.

The number of decimal places is preset to be 2 to which the calculations are carried out, but it can be changed by the user.

You may set the number of decimal places in the online calculator. By default there are only two decimal places.

Mathematical Operations With Exponents

The mathematical operation known as exponentiation refers to working with exponents. Exponents are a shorthand way of representing the repeated multiplication of a number by itself. For the argument's sake, we can take 35 which means that 3 is multiplied by itself 5 times. The 3 in this expression is the base number and the 5 is the exponent. We can also call the exponent the power to which the base is raised. When n is a positive number, exponents show the process of repeated multiplication of the base. In the world of algebra, exponents are often used for exponential functions are the opposite to the logarithmic functions and expressions. For instance, 23=8 in its exponential form, but if we represent it as a logarithm it would be log28=3.

Apart from this, we need to remember other basic operations with exponents. If the two base variables are the same and are multiplied by each other, like a5× a3=a8. So we add up the exponents. Division of the two similar base variables requires to subtract one exponent from the other, a5/a3=a2

Another important rule is when a number is raised to a power and is enclosed in brackets with another power. Then, we multiply the exponents (a5)3=a15. If we have a number that is rooted to any power, then we have an expression that looks like this: 5√a=a^(1/5). Lastly, if there is a negative exponent, then we divide 1 by the number raised to its power: a-5=1/a5

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