Wind Speed Converter

Our free Wind Speed Converter allows you to quickly convert between different wind-speed measurement units (knots, miles per hour, kilometers per hour, meters per second, Beaufort).

How to use the converter

  1. Enter the wind speed and select the unit of measurement from the drop-down list
  2. Click the "Convert" button to see the results.
Wind Speed Conversion Calculator

Conversion Formulas

The wind speed converter uses the following conversion formulas:

Wind (kts) = 0.8689762 × Wind (mph)

Wind (kts) = 0.5399568 × Wind (km/h)

Wind (kts) = 1.9438445 × Wind (m/s)

Wind (mph) = 0.621371 × Wind (km/h)

Wind (mph) = 2.236937 × Wind (m/s)

Wind (mph) = 1.15077945 × Wind (kts)

Wind (km/h) = 1.609344 × Wind (mph)

Wind (km/h) = 3.6 × Wind (m/s)

Wind (km/h) = 1.852 × Wind (kts)

Wind (m/s) = 0.44704 × Wind (mph)

Wind (m/s) = 0.2777778 × Wind (km/h)

Wind (m/s) = 0.5144444 × Wind (kts)


Wind (kts) is the wind speed in knots,

Wind (mph) is the wind speed in miles per hour,

Wind (km/h) is the wind speed in kilometers per hour,

Wind (m/s) is the wind speed in meters per second.

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