Stadium Calculator

When you are apt to build a small stadium for your kids or you are a construction company's owner and signed the contract to build a stadium for 2-3 thousand people, you may need the help of our Stadium Calculator.

As it was mentioned above, a stadium includes two-dimensional geometrical shapes, which are a rectangle and semicircle, which is also known as a disco rectangle. In order to use the calculator correctly, you need to read the following rules and explanations.

Stadium Shape

Stadium shape Calculator

Dimension Value Notes
Radius (r) Changing the Radius(r) affects the Overall Length(L) and Height(h)
Height (h) Changing the Height(h) affects the Overall Length(L) and Radius(r)
Straight Sides (a) The length of the Sides
Overall Length (L) Changing the Overall Length(L) affects the length of the Sides(a)
Area of a Stadium The Area of the shape (in square units)
Perimeter of a Stadium The outer edge of the shape

You may set the number of decimal places in the online calculator. By default there are only two decimal places.

This calculator includes the following algorithms:

Height = 2r (2 x radius), where r is radius

Overall length = 2r+a (2 x radius + length of straight sides), where r is a radius and [a] is a straight side

Area of a stadium = π x r2 + 2ra (area of a circle formed by the two semicircles + area of rectangle formed by length a x height)

Perimeter of a stadium = 2(πr + a) (circumference of a circle formed by the two semicircles + length of both sides[a] )

π = 3.141592654 to 9 decimal places

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