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When you are apt to build a small stadium for your kids or you are a construction company's owner and signed the contract to build a stadium for 2-3 thousand people, you may need the help of our Stadium Calculator.

As it was mentioned above, a stadium includes two-dimensional geometrical shapes, which are a rectangle and semicircle, which is also known as a disco rectangle. In order to use the calculator correctly, you need to read the following rules and explanations.

This calculator includes the following algorithms:

Height = 2 × r

Overall length = 2 × r + a

Area of a stadium (A) = π × r2 + 2 × r × a

Perimeter of a stadium (p) = 2 × (πr + a)

Where: r is a radius, a is a straight side, π = 3.141592654 to 9 decimal places.

Stadium Shape Calculator

Stadium shape Calculator

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You may set the number of decimal places in the online calculator. By default there are only two decimal places.


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