£175,000.00 Mortgage Comparison Calculator

Our Mortgage Comparison Calculator gives you the opportunity to compare as many as three fixed rate mortgage plans against a mortgage of £175,000.00.

While using the calculator you are able to change the value of the mortgage (by default this would be set to £175,000.00 for illustration purposes), you are also able to change the value of the annual interest rate of the mortgage, and the number of months for several plans in the boxes below. This provides you with the opportunity to see different mortgage costs, the amounts paid, and how much you would repay monthly on your mortgage of £175,000.00

The monthly payments, as well as the total interest and the total amounts of the plan are calculated with this calculator. The results are shown in a table to display each plan efficiently and show what the payment schedule would be for each plan. The three columns include:

  • The Principal Column (Prin.) - This column displays the amount of the mortgage that is paid off.
  • The Interest Column (Int.) - This column displays the interested that has been paid against the outstanding balance of the mortgage.
  • The Balance Column (Bal.) - This column displays the outstanding amount after taking in to a count and deducting the monthly payment.
Mortgage Comparison Calculator
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