Ellipse Volume Calculator

The volume of an ellipse will be calculated electronically by the online ellipse calculator as long as you input the values needed.

The user will always be able to see a running total that is summed from the new dimensions that are inserted into the volume calculator.

General information and basic definition of the ellipse

An ellipsoid is a three-dimensional solid object with closed quadric surface that is a three dimensional analogue of an ellipse.

An ellipsoid represents a three-dimensional solid analogue of a geometric figure known as an ellipse, and, moreover, its surface can be described as quadratic.

The following formula can be applied to calculate the Volume of an Ellipse:

  • Volume (V) = (4/3) multiplied by π multiplied by Radius1 multiplied by Radius2 x multiplied by Radius3
  • OR
  • Volume (V) = (4/3) x π x R1 x R2 x R3
  • π is 3.141592654 (to 9 decimal places)

Note: It is really important that the user applied the same measurement units for all of the dimensions during the process of computing the volume of any object, e.g. an ellipse.

Units used when measuring volumes of solid objects are as follows:

  • cubic feet
  • cubic meters
  • cubic yards

Units used for measuring volumes of liquids are:

  • litres
  • quarts
  • pints
  • gallons

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