Learning with Graphing Calculators

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Graphing CalculatorWith the graphing calculator, you are able to have the calculator create graphs which are typically used to solve mathematical equations. Each type of graph which this calculator can solve are typically solved using a graphing calculator, although there are manual ways for them to be solved.

The majority of graphing calculators out there are programmable which allows for the user to create a custom program which can be used for a variety of different reasons. The most common reason for this is for either a scientific, engineering or education reasons. Furthermore, because of how big the screen provided is, these calculators can be used for storing vast amounts of text or calculators at one time.

In terms of the more modern graphing calculators, colour and interactive graphics have become a possibility. On top of that, there are even some calculator manufacturers who offer a range of software allowing for graphing calculators to become so much more. There have been so many advancements made with graphing calculators which have allowed for many schools to offer a wider range of mathematic courses.

With some of the more advanced graphing calculators, thermometers and such can be connected along with other devices, allowing for them to be used as data collection devices.

Students who have access to a graphing calculator are presented with so much more potential in regards to their work, than if they didn't have access to one. With a graphing calculator, they are able to make an intelligent partner to work with.

Studies have shown how with the use of a graphing calculator; you are able to:

  • Improve the self-confidence of students
  • Boost the dynamics of a classroom
  • Improve students understanding of certain math concepts
  • Improve students problem solving abilities.

Don't interpret this wrongly, the pen and paper approach is still a viable option. However, by combining a graphing calculator with the pen and paper approach, a balance is created in which both approaches can be used advantageously.

If students use their graphing calculators appropriately, the calculator should not be seen as an "assistant" as such but in fact, should be seen as something used to enhance the students knowledge.

Graphing calculators assist students in:

  • The visualization of their problems
  • Discovering and learning new mathematical functions which they can use on their own accord
  • Not only check their answers, but validate their own formulae
  • Discover different methods to calculate problems
  • Provide students with the tools to educate themselves on more math topics which they have yet to begin study in class

Graphing calculators ease the process of active learning. Rather than students simply sitting and staring mindlessly as their teacher explains new concepts to them, with the use of a graphing calculator they are able to discover these new concepts on their own and learn about them in ways which they are comfortable with. On top of that, they are able to come up with their own solutions and formulae which they are confident with.

Graphs can often be difficult to draw and are a very time consuming thing to put on paper. With a graphing calculator, students can get more work done and can produce their graphs at a much faster rate. This is efficient and allows them to focus on more aspects of their work.

Previously, advanced math classes were required for students to learn graph drawing skills. Now, a graphing calculator can be used instead. With a cheap graphing calculator, all students are able to take their graph skills to a higher level.

Graphing calculators provide students with so much more than the simple pen and paper method could ever offer, and that's very important when it comes to mathematics. With the data that can be obtained from these calculators and how that data can be manipulated, students can get on with their work at a faster rate than otherwise.

In terms of cost, graphing calculators are cheap to the point that all classrooms are able to purchase them for their students to take advantage of without having to spend too much. For an average sized class, you would be able to purchase a set of these calculators for around the same price as you would purchase two school computers. The newer the graphing calculator, the more functionality you are given access to.

The algebra aspect of mathematics can be very difficult for both teachers and students and with the use of graphing calculators, the learning process becomes a lot easier for both sides.

Rather than students spending several minutes on just one section of an equation, they are able to use a graphing calculator to speed up the process and get straight to the real calculation. The tedious steps involved in graphing can slow down a student's learning cycle and make it undesirable for the student to continue. The faster that they get the equation done, the more equations they can complete, and the more that they can learn.

Graphing calculators are a fantastic piece of technology that without a doubt, make the mathematical learning process a lot easier for everyone.

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