Traditional IRA calculator

With the more common IRAs (Individual Retirement Agreements) you are able to make sure that your contributions to such are tax deductible. Although you are limited with taxing given that any withdrawals from it that are made while in retirement are taxed.

Note that you are able to specify an amount on maturity in order to see how much you will need to contribute to your IRA on an annual basis. In order to do this you can enter either all of the maturity figures below along with the other details (except from the Annual Contribution), or you can simply amend the maturity figure once it has been calculated.

Traditional IRA
Detail Figures Notes
Annual Contribution £ Enter your Annual Contribution
Saving period (in years) Number of years to Maturity
Rate of Return (%) Interest Rate payable annually on anniversary
Current Tax Rate (%) Tax Rate the funds are liable to in retirement
Maturity Amount £ Gross Amount on Maturity
Total Tax payable The Total Amount of tax due in retirement
Nett Amount £ Nett Amount (excluding tax)
Payment Schedule

The Payment Schedule is based on a Rate of Return and fixed Annual Contribution

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Payment No. Nett Payment Amount Interest Balance


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