Rental Property Calculator

With our Rental Property Calculator, you will be given the opportunity to calculate both your profit as well as all of your costs from a buy to rent property. On top of that you will also be able to calculate all of the returns on your buy to let mortgage.

It's important that when you are taking out a buy to let mortgage that you understand what your Return on Investment (ROI) means as well as what it will be. Our Rental Property Calculator will calculate what your annual profit will be as well as the property value, expenditure costs and the income.


 (Refurbishment can include initial repairs, decoration, improvements etc.)


 (Estimated percentage of time the property may be vacant)

Running Costs

 (Fees can include an Agent's percentage if a letting agency is used)

Additional Costs  (Additional costs could include items such as gardeners, cleaners, laundry etc.)

Annual Profit, Yield

Annual Profit = £0.00

Annual Yield = 0.00%

Property Cost = £0.00

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