Cone Calculator

A Cone is a three-dimensional geometric shape which diminishes in thickness towards one point from a circle-like base.

Cones are referred to as "right circular", which means that the base is a circle and the central axis is at right angles to the base, i.e. the center axis runs at 90 degrees to the circular base. Thus, the radius of the base and the central axis together with any side of the cone form a right angled triangle.

The Cone Calculator is able to save calculations to a table by clicking the "Add to Table" button.

The following algorithms are included into the Cone Calculator:

Slope Height (s) = √(r2 + h2)

Surface area of base (B) = πr2

Lateral surface rea (L) = πrs

Total area = L + B

Volume = (1/3)πr2h

Cone Shape

Cone shape Calculator

Dimension Value Notes
Height (h) The Vertical Height of the cone
Slope Height (s) The length of the sloped side
Radius (r) Half the diameter of the Circular Base
Base Diameter (d) Diameter of the Base, equal to twice the Radius
Base Surface Area (B) (in square units) Surface Area of the Circular Base
Lateral Surface Area (L) (in square units) The Surface Area of the cone excluding the Base Area
Total Surface Area (A) (in square units) Total of the Base and Lateral Surface areas
Volume (in cubic units) The Volume of the Cone

You may set the number of decimal places in the online calculator. By default there are only two decimal places.

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