Buy-To-Let Mortgage Calculator

Although a Buy-To-Let mortgage are closely similar to an ordinary mortgage, there are a few very distinct differences between them. These differences include:

  • A higher deposit rate. You can expect this rate to be around 25% although it is often found that it can be as high as 40%. With a higher deposit rate you will find that the mortgage interest rates are typically lower.
  • Although interest rates are typically higher, you will find that fees are generally higher.

Buy-To-Let mortgages are often found to be interest only, allowing you to pay the interest only in monthly payments although the mortgage value is payable towards the end of this period. This means that a separate payment plan is necessary for a Buy-To-Let mortgage.

You can save your Mortgage calculations to a table by simply clicking the "Add to table" button shown below the schedule comparison.

Mortgage Details
Mortgage Details
Property Value Total value of the property
Deposit Percentage (%) Enter either the Deposit Percentage or Amount
Deposit Amount
Mortgage Amount Mortgage value after deducting the Deposit
Mortgage Period Total length of the mortgage in calendar Months or Years
Annual Interest Rate (%) Enter the Interest Rate
Monthly Repayment
Principal and Interest You pay the Interest plus an Amount off the mortgage
Interest only You pay the Interest only
Payment Summary
Payment Plan Notes
Principal and Interest Interest Only
Principal 0.00 Interest only plan does not pay any amount of the principal amount over the period
Interest Interest is calculated on the reducing balance on the Principal and Interest plan
Final Payment 0.00 The mortgage amount is due at the end of the Interest only plan
Total excluding Deposit Total Costs for everything except the initial Deposit
Total including Deposit Total Costs

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