Time Sheet Calculator

Our Time Sheet Calculator will allow you to input the details of each employee into a timesheet including both the start times and finish times, along with this you are able to enter the times in which employees aren't paid such as lunchtimes or any appointments they may have.

Each day slot has space for you to enter the start and finishes times, the lunch break, along with an additional space for other lost times. The first day of the week is by default set to Monday, although you are able to change this in order to suit your needs. The format in which times should be entered are 24-hour format (hh:mm). If you enter the value such as 1600 it will be interpreted by the calculator as 16:00.

There are overtime options available if the total amount of hours is more than the set basic amount of hours. The overtime rate is calculated against the basic rate which can both be adjusted to suit your needs. The calculator also allows for you to input night shift timings.

Any time sheets, attendance records, or disciplinary details are usually recorded by a Human Resources Staff member although the Human Resource function could be combined with some other disciplines in smaller or more flexible operations.

Time Sheets
Basic Settings
First day of the week This can be changed to suit your needs
Basic Hours Number of hours paid at basic rate
Hours above Basic Hours Select how hours over the basic hours are treated


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