Metal Bar Weight Calculator

Metal bars weight of the rectangular and round shapes can be easily found, using the online metal bar weight calculator.

There are some basic instructions that should be followed by the user to successfully carry out the necessary calculations.

At the beginning, the user will be asked to set the name of the metal of alloy by choosing the right material from the dropdown menu at the top of the calculator.

One important thing is that in order for the calculator to be able to execute the required calculations, the user should know the shape, whether it is round or rectangular. It is important because the process for each if different.

For the round bar, the necessary dimensions are: the diameter and the length.

For the rectangular bar, the necessary dimensions are: the height, the width and the length.

Metal Weight Calculator

(Al) Post-transition metal

Round Bar

Enter dimensions below, these can be entered in imperial or metric by suffixing with type of measurement, - in ft yd mm cm m (e.g. 10in, 10mm etc.)

Rectangular Bar

The number of decimal places to which the answers are displayed is preset to be 2, but it can be easily changed by the user.

The following algorithms makes part of the online Metal Bar Weight Calculator and can be applied to solve different problems:

Round Bar weight = Pi x r^2 x length x weight of metal per relevant cubic unit

where: Pi = 3.141592654, r = radius of bar

Rectangular Bar weight = width x height x length x weight of metal per relevant cubic unit

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