Advanced Time Calculator

The Advanced Time Calculator is capable of carrying out four mathematical operations: Addition(+), Subtraction(-), Multiplication(x) and Division(/)

Data can be inserted as: time, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

The layout, used for time is dd:hh:mm:ss, where dd=days, hh=hours, mm=minutes and ss=seconds.

Addition, subtraction and division can be two time formats.

When carrying out Multiplication, it is only possible to multiply time by a number.

When executing Division, the only possible answer will be a number.

The calculator is also capable of saving calculations to a table by clicking "Add to table" button.

Time Calculator
Input Details Time Format Conversion
+ = =

Input Details Time Format Conversion
- = =

Input Details Time Format Conversion
x = =

Input Details Time Format Conversion
/ = =

You may set the number of decimal places in the online calculator. By default there are only two decimal places.


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