Absence Cost Calculator

This calculator allows you to analyze staff absence records and generate a corresponding absence rating.

Inputting the start and end dates of your desired period of time, as well as the number of absences and total days elapsed, shows the Bradford Factor and percentage of absences of the time frame used.

Adding staff salary details generates the absence cost.

There is also an option to input employee information into a table or spreadsheet, meaning that the worker's name can be inputted as well.

Absence Records
Absence Details
Date From Enter the Start date of the period
Date To Enter the End date of the period
Working Days Number of days excluding weekends
Absence Occasions Number of spells of absence over the period
Total Absence (days) Total number of days absent over the period
Bradford Factor (B) The Bradford Factor Rating
Absence Percentage % Absence expressed as a percentage
Employee Details
Employees Name Employees name to include in table (if required)
Salary/Wage per Pay details for employee
Working Hours per Normal working hours (if pay is per hour)
Absence Cost Cost of absence, excluding employers Nation Insurance Contributions etc.


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